Ryan Niebuhr   - Guitar            Kai Andersen   - Vocals/Guitar            Patrick Greer   - Bass/Vocals            Eric Holmstrom  -Drums/Percussion

Ryan Niebuhr - Guitar          Kai Andersen - Vocals/Guitar          Patrick Greer - Bass/Vocals          Eric Holmstrom-Drums/Percussion

On one particular Tuesday night in Kenosha, WI amidst the Werewolves, Zombies, and Vampires; what would come to be known as Kai Andersen & The Pickups was born. Since the group's early days of acoustic based Folk and Americana, they have evolved into a hybrid of energetic, hook-driven Indie Rock that still pays tribute to their Folk roots. Having developed a strong and dedicated local following, KA&P felt the need to expand. The band has been on several small tours since then, taking them from Arizona and Texas all the way out to New York and back. They are constantly looking towards the future, sharing their music with new people, and planning the next journey.